6 best ways to invest £10 000

If you’re thinking “I have £10 000 to invest, what should I do?” you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a list of 6 easy ways to invest small amount of money in UK in 2018 and make money grow. Whether you have 4000, 10000 or 20000 pounds to invest, you can find the best way to invest to maximize your passive income.

Use Peer to Peer Lending Websites to Invest Small Amounts of Money

If you want a quick way to grow your money, check out peer-to-peer lending platforms. These websites allow you to put money into your account and lend it to people who need it. This investment idea offers you great flexibility in terms of loan duration and rates, some people are able to earn 10{3fbfd6f1e6b19884051837dbbbebf333964dd5fac151615ffbd47b80e5ecc87a} and more interest on their funds, making this option of of the best investments of 2018. However, as with all investing, there’s some risk and you can minimize it by giving a large number of small loans.

Invest small amounts of money in your own blog

Starting a blog is a fun and rewarding idea that requires extremely small amounts of starting capital – you will have plenty of money left over to diversify and invest elsewhere, and blogging can be a great source of passive income. Just think of what you’re passionate about – travelling, music, food, technology, etc. and start writing. You want to make sure your content is interesting and valuable to others – this can help grow your following and grow your investment. Once you have a significant number of people reading your blog, you can monetize it by putting up ads, selling your own goods and services or including affiliate links.

Make a small investment into your podcast

Podcasts are all the rage nowadays and they are a great option if you’re looking where to invest. Podcasts are essentially audio blogs, and it’s easy to get started, just start recording, build a following and ask your listeners for donations or sell endorsements – some podcast stars are able to make millions recording their thoughts.

Earn passive income by investing in real estate

Housing prices in the UK have grown tremendously over the past decades and real estate is a great investment idea for most people. The problem is, if you invest 10000 pounds in real estate, it won’t buy you much. This is where real estate investment trusts come in. Putting your money in a trust like this have several advantages that you don’t see when buying property by yourself. First of all, it’s easy to get it and get out, as you can buy shares in real estate trusts just like you’d buy stocks in a company. In addition, these trusts normally have money in various properties, which means your investment is diversified and protected. You can also get higher than average dividends, maximizing your income, and finally, you don’t have to deal with properties yourself, which can save you a ton of time, especially since you’re investing small amounts of money.

Become a stock broker for yourself

Investing small amounts of money in UK isn’t always easy, and even if you wanted to invest in stocks, high broker fees and entry thresholds prevent most people with £10 000 to invest from doing so. While almost every small investor puts their money into mutual funds, you can try out trading stocks on your own, maybe you have a real talent for it! Platforms like Etrade make it easy to open broker accounts and have lots of tools and information to help you trade stocks on your own. Plus, low fees make it possible to trade individual stocks and learn the in’s and out’s of investing.

Invest money in yourself and enter a coaching program

Most people think of investing just in terms of buying shares, property or putting money in the bank to earn interest. But we often forget that the most valuable investment is the investment you make in yourself. Whether you’re a successful professional, someone fresh out of college and just starting working or a person switching fields, you can benefit greatly by learning new skills and getting valuable experience. You can go about investment in yourself radically by going back to school, or you can take things slower and try signing up for a career-specific course or a coaching program. If you research the program well, it will be a very low-risk investment and your new skills will help you turn a great profit on your initial investment in yourself.

Author: Alexej Pikovsky

Passionate about investing in private and public companies and a successful track record across different industries and geographies. German Academic Foundation Scholar and Research Affiliate at the Centre for Global Finance and Technology at Imperial College London. Addicted to reading and sharing industry deep dives. Enjoy!