8 ways to make money on the side quick

Whether you want to make quick money in college or high school or just want to get extra cash in addition to income form your 9 to 5 job, there are hundreds of fast cash jobs that require little time and almost no skills. Check them out to get cash on the side quick.

Make money writing a blog

If there’s anything at all in the world that you’re good at or passionate about, you can start writing a blog and potentially earn up to 1000 dollars a month after just one year. Pretty good for a side gig, huh? Blogging is ideal for busy people who don’t always have the time to work – you can prepare posts in advance when you have time or ideas and just upload them when you have a few spare minutes. Plus, you can post as much or as little as you’d like! There are several ways to make quick cash blogging: you can sign up to sell advertising space on your website or place affiliate links in your content. It can take a bit of time to grow your audience, but if your website becomes really popular, there’s really no limit to how much you can earn – some websites rake in as much as 15,000 dollars a month.

Fill out online surveys for money

You won’t make enough to quit your day job filling out surveys, but you can certainly earn enough to pay your internet bill by filling out a survey or two while watching Netflix. There are lots of survey websites out there, but on most of them you fill out your profile and wait to be invited to complete a survey. Once you’ve met a certain earning threshold, such as 5 dollars, you get a gift card or a PayPal transfer for that sum. Some of the best survey websites include Swagbucks Surveys, where you get a 5 dollar bonus just for signing up, MyPoints, where you get a 5 dollar gift card for signing up, entering your email and every time you complete 5 surveys, and Opinion Outpost, which offers lots of survey options on different topics.

Sell things you don’t need on Amazon for side income

Most of us have lots of old stuff cluttering closets in our homes: old books, unworn clothes that we never bothered to return to the store, gently worn designer shoes, stuff you got in subscription boxes and didn’t like, etc. If you’re coming up short on rent or car payments this month and asking yourself “How to make extra money online?”, selling all that stuff can both help you get extra cash fast and declutter your closets. Just register as a seller on Amazon, take pictures of your stuff and start selling – it’s super easy.

Consult people online to make easy money

Even if you’re looking to make extra money in college, there’s a large chance that you have at least one good skill that people may be interested in. Why not put that to use? You can start consulting or coaching people online at times that are convenient for you. A consulting platform Clarity.fm allows you to set up your profile in minutes and get paid by the minute of your calls with clients. You can grow your reputation and make even more.

Test websites and earn money

Do you like browsing the internet, critiquing stuff and getting paid 10 dollars for 20 minutes? Then you’ll love hustling cash on UserTesting.com. This platform allows you to make money by completing tasks on various websites and recording your feedback in a video. This is a perfect online gig for college students who may not have many marketable skills or time on their hands.
6. Become a virtual assistant and make money on the side
If you’re looking for good side jobs to make extra money in college and love social media, you can become a virtual assistant for someone who needs help running their Instagram, Facebook, blog or website. This takes all the headache out of actually having a blog of your own and at the same time allows you to learn the in’s and out’s of the business just in case you ever want to start an online business yourself. Try looking for your first gig on UpWork and start earning money on the side.

Teach English to children online

Most of us don’t realize that being a native English speaker and having a college degree from an American university is a big advantage and a skill of its own. There is a huge demand for native English speakers in China and other countries, and with fairly easy set up you can start teaching English to children online for 15 to 25 dollars an hour. Platforms like VIPKid or QKid allow you to set up classes, get people signed up and get paid quickly all in one place.

Sign up to deliver food as an easy side job

Food delivery gigs have been around forever, but did you know that now you can deliver food on your own time without a set schedule for UberEats? Even better, you can start delivering even if your don’t have a car – a scooter or a bicycle is enough, making it an ideal side gig idea for college students. Even if you’re a mom with several kids, you can still make extra cash on the side and bring the kids along as you work.

Author: Alexej Pikovsky

Passionate about investing in private and public companies and a successful track record across different industries and geographies. German Academic Foundation Scholar and Research Affiliate at the Centre for Global Finance and Technology at Imperial College London. Addicted to reading and sharing industry deep dives. Enjoy!